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God blesses people with more
a blessing to others
so they can be
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Ask and it will
be given to you…
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“A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit” (Matthew 7:18)
Even though YMCA Dubai is one among the new entrant to the world of YMCAs, it could move very fast in the track of serving the YMCA goals. A strong force of 63 founder members functioning systematically under the leadership of a strong Director Board, is trying their best to spread the Love that Lord Jesus Christ asks us to do.

People from different congregation, different sectors of life have voluntarily joined YMCA Dubai to serve for the empowerment of the society irrespective of cast, creed, sex or colour among them. Being with mentally and physically challenged people, supporting the orphans, supporting the people in illness, regular prayer sessions, prayers for special situations, guiding the youngsters to the righteousness, help the workers to improve their skills and guide them to right opportunities, inculcate feel of peace among fast track people of the world, etc, are some of the activities taken up by YMCA Dubai.

Fast life in the metropolitan cities like Dubai forces the people to mechanise their life. YMCA like organizations has to do a lot to strengthen the mutual trust among the society and highlight the need of respecting and supporting the needy irrespective of his believes. Let us pray together and praise the Lord for all the blessing that he is showering to the humanity and work together for maintaining peace, love, mutual trust and security among the society.
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